Researcher & Artist

Member of

  • SITE: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education since 2020
  • EDUsummIT since 2013
  • Expert to the Ministry of Education and Youth for development of:
    - new curriculum for the core programme in IT for the School Education
    - new State Educational Requirements in IT for the School Education
  • Center for multicultural communication and Mediation
    Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Dept of Modern and Classical Filology
  • Institute of Technology and Development (ITD) Foundation
  • Jury of National Olympiad in Information Technology
  • Bulgaria Telework Association

Programme Committee Member



Assoc. Prof. in eLearning, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies

2005-2013 - Coordinator of MSc Programme in eLearning

Assistant Professor in Informatics, the Department of Information Technologies (DIT),
Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics (FMI), Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" (SU)

Lecturer in Network and Communication: Web Design, Center of Educational Services, SU

Senior Network Administrator, University Computer Center, SU


Teaching Experience


Internet Technologies
The course Internet for Beginner & Advanced is oriented to the people which are not familiar with the Net. The course content includes: History, main goals and basic services of the Internet for beginners and principles in web design for advanced.

Development of Internet Applications
The course shows the principles of web design and technology for development of Internet Applications as: HTML. JavaScript, DHTML.

Multimedia Technologies
Multimedia as an exploding technology invades everyday life. Direct material human comprehension and the technological possibilities to present the information have come as close as newer before. Multimedia-oriented technical applications have become standard.

Advertisement, Technology, Design
The course which helps to the students for the future work as a designer, consultants and developer of Internet Applications. The Principles of Design and Advertisement are the main topics here.